What We Do

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Web Design & Development

Very first impressions matter, your site is the internet window into your business. Nevertheless, even the most incredible site should be found. SYNOLO puts Google at the center of every site development project, ensuring your site is optimized to capture traffic from the world’s hottest search engine.

We design, create & promote the website of yours, a fully integrated digital solution with in-house Content Generation & Search engine optimization teams. Previous projects include start-ups, international conglomerates, and local businesses. Our cross-industry experience allows SYNOLO consultants to guide each project based on past successes and learnings.

SYNOLO also offers a professional e-commerce team focusing on beautiful, mobile responsive, conversion-optimized online stores with complete Social media integration.

Social Media Marketing

Struggling with your social media management? Forget hiring, our content service will be the best add-on to your in-house team. You will receive a totally bespoke content strategy, tricks of the trade, help with brand tone, as well as your very own dedicated writer to support you on a continuing basis. Sounds good? We would really like to tell you more.

Video Advertising

Video Advertising is the trend that is here to stay. Get up to speed with digital ads on YouTube and reach bigger and new audiences like never before.

Graphic Designing

The age-old phrase, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ couldn’t be more true. Graphic design is important for any business that is looking to make a positive and long-lasting impression. You are missing a huge communication opportunity if you are not incorporating visual content in your digital marketing. Graphic design is a key element of digital marketing. It is not just pictures and drawings. Graphic design is the art of communication that requires creativity and a systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve specific objectives. Effective Graphic designs highlight plans to discover what makes an image genuinely stand out and get shared.