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Let us Help You! We’re on a Quest to Modernize the Digital Marketing Industry.

Synolo is a Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka, comprised of a group of professionals who are passionate about assisting businesses create positive impact with their customers.

We are specialized in branding, web design and development, digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and business consultancy services.

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Our mission is to help brands and businesses win in the new world. To realize our goal of being your trusted advisor, we first dive deep into understanding the dynamics of your business and industry. Our integrated marketing solutions are a derivative of this deep dive. While we are all up for doing tactical brand campaigns, we find higher purpose in the strategic business impact delivered through our creativity.

In a noisy, fragmented, complex world, simplicity amplifies results. At SYNOLO, we don’t have a magic prescription for you. we help simplify how marketing gets done. We remove complexity to create opportunity and value throughout every aspect of marketing, giving brands the freedom to speak louder, scale faster and grow stronger.

All Sizes of Businesses

Every business and industry needs requires an web approach.

Awesome Results

We have seen great success with our solutions

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We make sure we know your consumer base and their needs.

Significant ROI

To serve a quality service, we are always flexible.

Why Choose Us As Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Our Core Values Are Why:


The Synolo Digital Marketing Agency in honest and open relationships with all the partners of ours. We offer frequent updates with equal attention given to the causes behind your best successes and any places which may be enhanced. You will know precisely what we are spending the hours of yours on and wherever your cash is actually going – since we know, for a small company, it does not grow on trees.


Although we are 1 of Sri Lanka’s leading digital advertising agencies, our goal is definitely your business’s achievements and growth. That is the reason we do not believe in sleeping on the laurels of ours. You will be assigned a specific account manager, cherry-picked by our pros based on the requirements of yours. They are going to be the driving force strategizing and fueling the campaigns of yours on a month-to-month and day-to-day basis.


Being inexpensive is definitely relative, and Colombo advertising agency costs are able to make a big difference for a small enterprise. Whatever information you are working with, our professionals have the ability to make your cash work towards the niche market of yours, preventing wasted advertisement invest just advising on probably the most useful, effective sales streams. But also, we work hard for you, our hand’s nature delivering everything you need without busting the bank account.


Digital advertising agencies in Sri Lanka will inform you they are obsessed with trends. But trends are just significant if they are related. At the Synolo, since we are the partner of yours and we are invested, we’re obsessed with your business. We are driven by good results, tailoring creative ideas and campaigns accordingly. Thus, in case it is to your advantage to shift up a gear to cash in on key e-commerce dates or maybe venture onto a brand-new platform, we are ready to plan and perform that.

Our Clients

We are proud of the clients with whom we have collabrated.